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Handover and moving out of puppies

When a puppy moves away from us, it is a moment that is both difficult and important from many perspectives.

On one hand, during the two to four months they spend with us, the puppies become very attached to us and of course they have a place in our heart. We have taken care of them for months, feeding them every few hours when needed, and in the early days, we even slept with them. We always strive to choose the best owner for them, ensuring that our puppies will have a good life in their future families and bring happiness to the family as well.

Emotionally, handing over a puppy is often very stressful; we grow very fond of many of them.

On the other hand, the proper handover is also technically important for both the owner and us. At this point, there is no new information about the puppy; we know the owner, the background, and where the dog will go. The owner knows the conditions, the dog’s background and health conditions. Financial settlements, agreement, and invoicing are already completed at this stage. However, the owner receives a lot of important information in writing and various documents, as well as a starter kit for the dog. The starter kit includes several thoughtful gifts, but it is much more than a gesture of kindness. The contents of the package ensure that the puppy receives everything important for him in the first few weeks, helping him feel comfortable. This package significantly supports the long-term well-being of the dog, as it helps establish a daily routine of the owner with specific food and supplements.

Let’s see how we prepare the puppy for the move!

We distinguish between two cases: one where the handover of the puppy takes place at Jacks and Bears – we prefer this version. Of course, if a puppy is moving abroad, this is not always possible. In such cases, we involve a professional pet transport company, or in rare cases, we personally bring the puppy to the owner. When we hand over the puppy at Jacks and Bears, we have more options in assembling the starter kit, while involving a transport partner usually means that only a limited-sized package can be sent.

In every case, the puppy comes with all the necessary vaccinations, deworming, health tests, and documentation for the move. The puppy is already accustomed to the car and travel-box. Before the move, we groom the puppy, and in the hours just before the journey, it does not eat, to make the journey more comfortable.  In each case, the owner receives a healthy, well-groomed, and beautiful dog.

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Jack after his first bath, during drying. It is noticeable that he occasionally falls asleep during it, being calm, confident and balanced.

We hand over the dog with a recently issued veterinary health certificate. This document records not only the general condition of the puppy but also provides detailed information on specific areas, such as the dog’s bite, eyes, or the presence and location of testicles in males. While the certificate does not guarantee the future health of the puppy, it provides authentic and serious transparency regarding the current health condition of the dog, eliminating many potential misunderstandings for both the owner and the breeder.

We always provide the puppy with a passport. The pet passport is an expanded “Vaccination Book.” The passport in addition to allowing the dog to travel abroad, includes the dog’s identification details (microchip, etc.) and records vaccinations, deworming, and any antibody tests. We request the pedigree for the dog, and if necessary, the export pedigree as well.

We compile a lot of information about the puppy for the owners, which they receive in a separate document. This includes details such as what, how much, and when the puppy eats, as well as the schedule of future vaccinations and deworming.

In the starter kit, Jacks and Bears puppies always receive enough food for at least a week. This is not only to spare the owner from immediately buying dog food but also to allow a smooth transition if the owner wishes to switch to a different type of food. Although the contents of our starter kit may vary, it generally includes the appropriate tools for grooming, a toy suitable for the puppy’s age, and, in the case of Bernese Mountain Dogs, a nutritional supplement due to their rapid growth.

We maintain long-term contact with a significant portion of the owners, following the lives of Jacks and Bears dogs. However, even with this ongoing connection, it is often challenging to let them go when they set out to make another family happy.


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