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Everyday cuteness overload full of Jacks and Bears, stay tuned.

17 September 2019
Hydro training

Our jacks do hydro trainings regularly, today Bosco and Tuppen also teamed up!

20 August 2019
Kibella beach

One day before Kavarna Dog Show we took the dogs to the beach, to have some fun. Fishing, beaching, happiness.

04 August 2019
Visit at the Csillag-Bérci kennel

We spent an afternoon at the Csillag-Bérci kennel, had a look on the pups of Írisz and Bosco.

02 August 2019
Amira at Margaret Island

Amira was office dog today, but in return we had a lunchtime stroll at Margaret Island.

20 July 2019
Dog transport

We introduce the Jacks & Bears car, you can see Bosco and the pack travelling. We’ve shared some more dog transport experiences in this video, where you can also get some insights of drug sniffer dogs travel.

Gardener on duty

Amira the gardener

23 June 2019
Travelling with dogs - Totalcar

Dogs health and safety are key factors of our everyday life. This time we had the chance to share our experiences with the readers and viewers of Totalcar.

29 May 2019
Jacks at their best!
  • Hide and seek with Amira
  • Jack Russells and the giant treadwheel
  • Double Jack on the stands (Are you curious if our Bernese Mountain Dogs are able to make it? Click here!)
  • Is it a balance ball? Lets try it!
  • Amira on the top!
20 May 2019
Spring pictures

Our pack and some guests in the garden

06 May 2019
Tuppen training

Our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy started balance trainings!

02 May 2019
The pack
Garden Party 2
21 April 2019
Lizard hunter patrol

14 April 2019
Dog of the Year 2018

Hungarian Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dog Club point competition 2018, adult females:

04 April 2019
Garden party

Late afternoon agility fun in the garden.

30 March 2019
Salzburg excursion

After dog show sightseeing.

If you like it

They love to work!

13 March 2019
1 or 2 or even 4?

We had some fun at the Arion Dog Showroom in the break of the weekly training.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photos from December.

Take care, happy dog overload!

20 January 2019
Day-to-day walk at our place

Daily walk in the snowy woods with our pack.

Amira's training

Balance training builds core muscles, increases body awareness and balance .

12 December 2018
Photo Shooting

Our pack had a photo shoot with Gáti Oszkár Dániel! Thank you Dani!

21 May 2018
Danube Bank

Mega water games on the river.

23 March 2018
Photo Shooting

Photo shooting at Dani! Thank you Gáti Oszkár Dániel!

17 December 2017
Sheep Herding

Sheep herding with Bosco and Daisy.

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