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About the kennel visits

What can be expected?

As future pet owners, it is important to have as much information as possible about your future dog, its background, and of course meet a few weeks old puppy or getting to know the ancestors can be a great experience. As breeders, it is also important for us to provide the necessary transparency to prospective owners and to get to know them better before reaching an agreement on selling a puppy.

One tool in this process can be a kennel visit.

Ensuring transparency, understanding the dog, the breeder – and the buyer – involves many other tools, and one of them is the kennel visit. In some cases, this may not be feasible due to physical distance, which can be thousands of kilometers, but mutual transparency must still be ensured.

In the case of Jacks and Bears, we share a lot of information publicly every day: health and genetic screenings of parents, information about ancestors; public presentation of dogs, professional judging at dog shows, various examinations (e.g., working trials, breeding test); regular showcasing of our dogs in various activities on social media and on our website, or through media appearances, etc. We consider this information just as important as the documents involved in a dog purchase, such as the (written) agreement, invoice, pet passport, pedigree, and the dog’s veterinary health certificate.

Of course, when someone wants to choose a Jacks and Bears puppy, we also have many questions, and we research the potential owner.

A successful kennel visit is a joy for the future owner and us. The owner gains positive impressions about the background, their future dog, and the kennel, and we see that the dog is going to a good home.

Kennel visits are always preceded by mutual information gathering; only then does it make sense to schedule an appointment. When someone calls us unfamiliar and said that they would come by in an hour to pet dogs with their child, it is not a realistic idea; we surely cannot accommodate it.

  • Our dogs live with us in our home. Our kennel is not like a zoo; we can’t let random strangers in.
  • The health of our dogs is of utmost importance; for example, we can’t accept visitors to unvaccinated puppies of a few weeks old.
  • Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, you can’t bring your dog when you visit us.
  • If we don’t have a litter planned in the near future or don’t have any available puppies, or if you do not want a dog, there’s a good chance we won’t be able to meet you.

However, if everything is in order and the kennel visit takes place, you can expect something like this:

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