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World Dog Show 2021, Brno

The World Dog Show in Brno was the biggest dog show of 2021.

As it became usual in the covid era we had some difficulties with the travel, but finaly Bosco, Amira and Hermes was in the ring as it was planned.

Our Jacks participated at the World Dog Show and the Extraordinary Terrier Special by World Dog Show as well, while Bosco was entered to the World Dog Show.

The show was well organized, we wee happy and satisfied with the results of our dogs.

This time Hermes delivered an outstanding result, he won the terrier specialty show! (1/48)

Our results:

Extraordinary Terrier Special Show held by World Dog Show

Hermes of Energy Jack, champion class: Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner, Best of Breed (1/48) !!!! Yuhuuuuu!!!!

Kaszavölgyi-Fürge Amira, champion class: excellent 2, res CAC

World Dog Show

Labanc-Völgyi Bosco, champion class: excellent

Hermes of Energy Jack, champion class: excellent (5/17)

Kaszavölgyi-Fürge Amira, champion class: excellent 2, res CAC

Will we be in Madrid next June at the World Dog Show? Don’t know yet. That time of the year is just too hot for our berners in a mediterranien country. But for our Jacks it is not a problem. So, maybe.



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