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Salgótarján CAC

There are days we will remember forever because they give us something extra that other days do not. This day was one of those.

It wasn’t the size of the exhibition or the achievements reached, but the unique experience.

Bosco and Hermes accompanied us to Salgótarján; both of them haven’t been to an exhibition for a long time. It was Bosco’s first time being entered into veteran class, while Hermes competed in champion class.

It was an emotional day, a great experience to work with Bosco again. We are proud that we could prepare this excellent dog so well even in his veteran years and showcase him at an exhibition. It was good to experience again the joy he brings while working with us.

During the day, Denk Csaba (breed ring), P. Szabó Béla (Veteran Best in Show), and Gröschl Ferenc (FCI group II) judged Bosco. We are proud of the excellent evaluations. Thank you!

Hermes also had a strong day. First, he was judged by Dr. Sipos Márta (SRB) in the breed ring, then by Denk Csaba in the FCI group III. Hermes enjoyed the exhibition very much, performed excellently, and didn’t forget anything.

The rain stopped for the afternoon program, most of the pictures were taken then. The quality of the professional photos praises the work of Válóczi Photo.

Detailed results:

Labanc-Völgyi Bosco, Bernese Mountain Dog, veteran class

Excellent 1, CAC, Best Veteran, Best of Breed, Veteran Reserve Best in Show, Reserve Best in Group

Hermes of Energy Jack, Jack Russell-terrier, champion class
Excellent 1, CAC, Best of Breed, Best of Group 3rd place

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